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Fresh & Quality Caribbean meat, fish & Products

Your number one destination for fresh and quality products imported straight from the Caribbean.

Located in Brampton at 30 Kennedy Rd South, Gem Wholesale Meat, Fish & Groceries offers a selection of everything you need to relive the most memorable Caribbean style food!

Gem Wholesale Meat, Fish & Groceries has worked hard to deliver a unique and quality-driven shopping experience for the West Indian Consumer, as well as those customers from the community seeking out products from the islands.

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Quality Cut Caribbean style Meat

Gem takes pride in delivering the finest meats and fish imported from the Caribbean as well as locally raised. Come check out our meat selection including: Oxtail, Goat, Mutton, Cow Foot, Boneless Beef Cow Tripe, Goat Tripe, Goat Head, Seasoned Jerk Chicken, Chicken Back, and a variety of quality meat.
Drop us a note and let us know you're coming, we'll be happy to reserve a table for you.
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