Beef Short Ribs

At Gem’s Wholesale Meat and Fish you find a variety of meat. Among the beef categories we also provide to our valued customers beef short ribs. What is the difference between beef ribs and beef short ribs? Beef short ribs are also called plate short ribs. Or “English cut,” four inches long and two inches wide. And they are the ribs by the breast bones.  

Furthermore, you purchase the meat from the store. You’d be willing to cook it.  Then, it gets tender. Good news is, the meat falls off the bone. You might also ask

How do I cook beef short ribs?

You can certainly use either beef ribs or beef short ribs. Your meal will be delicious in all cases.  

Firstly, prepare the ribs by removing the fast skin. Cut the membrane at one end. After cooking, the bone is exposed to one end for easy eating.

Secondly, put multiple layers of flavours for different tastes. For instance, liquid French’s mustard. Lay the spice constantly everywhere, at the top and where the bones are. Add a mix of Jamaican spices, hot and strong. They start going deeper in the meat. You may use a BBQ rub, specifically made by the chef.

Thirdly, the best thing about it, you cook it slowly for four hours. And at a low temperature. So, all the spices blend in. As you see, beef short ribs recipe is easy to follow. Palatable, nutritious, and savory. It has its own way of being an enjoyable meal without much cooking effort. For this reason, take a moment and come to our store. Purchase beef short ribs & enjoy a satisfying meal.