sorrel drink

What is Sorrel Drink?

Jamaican sorrel drink is made of a Caribbean plant called red sorrel. Or rosella, the cranberry-like taste plant can prevent diseases from taking over your body.

What is sorrel drink good for?

It is known to lower blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It also reduces bad fats such as triglycerides in your body. Besides, it has a significant effect in reducing the risk of heart related diseases. And it improves vision and digestive activities, while preventing cancer due to its antioxidative properties. Therefore, you can consume it in reasonable quantities and learn

What does the sorrel drink taste like?

It’s a dark red coloured, sour drink. In addition to the cranberry taste  you feel the pomegranate tangy taste. The distinctive taste could resemble the rhubarb plant as well. People wonder if drinking it regularly

Is Jamaican sorrel healthy?

The drink has plenty of elements the body needs. It’s vitamin and mineral rich. Main elements included in the composition are vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Flavonoids protect your body from damaging and giving in to illnesses. To keep healthy, Jamaicans drink tea made of the sorrel plant. The popular Essiac tea is composed of many nutrients with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Jamaican sorrel drink recipe contains mixed spices. Add sugar and rum for a seasonal traditional holiday beverage you’ll enjoy.